NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti Reference PCB Compared with TITAN X Pascal

As NVIDIA has updated the power design on their founder edition GTX 1080Ti card, check out the first images of the new reference NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti graphics card, compared side by side with the PCB of the company’s flagship (still) TITAN X Pascal.

As you can see both cards based on identical PCB layout since the two cards are based on the same “GP102” chip. Though GTX 1080Ti features 11 memory chips, compared to 12 on the TITAN X Pascal, which comes with a narrower 352-bit GDDR5X memory interface. It makes up for the narrower memory bus with faster 11 Gbps memory chips, than the 10 Gbps chips found on the TITAN X Pascal.

The main difference between the GTX 1080Ti and TITAN X Pascal, however, is NVIDIA bolstering the VRM with a 2x dual-FET design. NVIDIA basically placed an additional set of MOSFETs and capacitors along all the blank traces of the reference PCB. This way lowers the load on each individual MOSFET, in turn lowering VRM temperatures and provide more power at same time. NVIDIA also updated the reference blower style design cooling solution with a new vapor-chamber base-plate and bigger exhausts through the entire width of the second slot in the card’s I/O shield. Though because this NVIDIA decided to ditched the DVI connector. The GeForce GTX 1080Ti goes on sale 10th March with price starting $699 US.