NVIDIA GTX 1070 Benchmark result leaked

The GTX 1080 will be available just in two days, and everyone who cannot afford it, looking for smaller brother GTX 1070 to come out. Now we have our first benchmarks for the GTX 1070, although it’s not confirmed result but give us an idea of the performance of the card. If you want to know the full specification of GTX 1070, then check our previous post.

NVIDIA-GTX-1070 3DMark GTX 1070 bench

As the result shows the GTX 1070 perform just little better than GTX TITAN X, NVIDIA already stated the GTX 1070 will be faster than TITAN X. The GTX 1070 has lower cores and runs 24% slower than GTX 1080, but it has lower TDP of 150 compare to GTX 1080’s 180W TDP. If this benchmark is accurate, then the GTX 1070 will be the best price to performance card from NVIDIA.