NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti and Titan rumored specifications

First information’s about GTX 1080Ti and Titan specifications have surfaced online, indicating that NVIDIA’s big Pascal GPU will not have HBM2 memory. Although it’s just a rumor, it certainly opens up room for a discussion regarding what GPUs will be coming in the future.

At this time, we consider these specifications to be a fabrication, but a fabrication that is based on some common trends that NVIDIA has followed over the past few years.

NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti and Titan rumored specifications

For the past few generations, NVIDIA has done taken the same steps when releasing a new GPU architecture, starting off with an X80 series GPU and following it up with a GTX Titan and later a “cut down” Titan variants like the GTX 780Ti or GTX 980Ti. Also, Titan series GPUs always had a 384-bit memory bus and had had 1.5x the GPU cores as the GTX X80 series chip.

If these rumored specifications are correct, it means that NVIDIA is not planning on releasing a GPU that uses HBM2 memory anytime soon on consumer GPUs, which is something that we think is very unlikely given the fact that NVIDIA has already been shown using HBM2 memory in their Tesla P100 processing unit.