NVIDIA GTX 970 owners in the USA can now claim their $30 refund

US NVIDIA GTX 970 owners now claim their $30 settlement, which is the result of the 2015 class-action lawsuit over the falsely advertised memory capacity of the GPU.


The case was started in February 2015, after it was discovered that the last 0.5GB of the GTX 970’s 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM would run at up to 80% slower than it was supposed to. The GTX 970 was also found to have less Render Output Processors (ROPs) and less memory cache than was advertised by NVIDIA.

In this lawsuit, NVIDIA was said to have engaged in false advertising, deceptive business practices and to have violated California’s business law for unfair business practices.

NVIDIA agreed to give $30 refund to all buyers who purchased in the U.S. between September 1, 2014 and August 24, 2016, and now qualifying GTX 970 buyers will be able to claim $30 from gtx970settlement.com, which is a website that has been created by the law firms representing the law firms in charge of this class action lawsuit.

But this refund only applicable to those who are living in the US, although similar lawsuits are currently taking place in the EU too.