NVIDIA Latest Drivers Adds Telemetry Spooks Privacy-sensitive Users, How to Disable it

In recent few versions of NVIDIA GeForce drivers, NVIDIA has been bundling a telemetry tool which is enabled by default, auto-runs on Windows startup by default and doesn’t appear in the list of things you can choose whether to install it or not when doing a custom installation with NVIDIA GeForce driver installers. There is not much information about this new Telemetry component. For all we know, it could be a means for NVIDIA to collect crash reports that help it improve its drivers down the line or some other user’s data. Not everyone is comfortable with this.


But spanning across three separate startup tasks is little too much for a crash reporter?, This telemetry is allegedly a means for NVIDIA to send data “back and forth.” Without users knowing, this is the privacy intervene will make users think NVIDIA to spy on its users, for a plethora of data, such as usage patterns, etc. MajorGeeks posted a brief tutorial on how to disable Telemetry (and other bloatware included in NVIDIA drivers), using Sysinternals, but you can use Task Manager, MSConfig, or Registry Editor to disable these as well. Check MajorGeeks page for more info on how to disable.