NVIDIA planning to have Pascal-based gaming notebooks at Computex 2016

NVIDIA is preparing a big gaming notebook push for Computex 2016, which is going to come out in June in Taipei. As per the info from SweClockers, NVIDIA is going to launch their new Pascal-based mobile GPU at the show, giving a great focus on portable Pascal-powered gaming notebooks.

NVIDIA Pascal based gaming notebooks


Computex 2016 will be starting on May 31, and will continue upto June 4. We are having an expectation that NVIDIA will show something off during the show along with a bigger event to showcase Pascal sometime before Computex, ormay be in the weeks after. NVIDIA putting an eye on the gaming notebook market, as they’ve invested a huge dent in the market recently – as they noted around 34.2% increase in mobile GPU shipments during the last quarter.