NVIDIA has released GeForce Experience 3.0

NVIDIA  today launched  GeForce Experience 3.0. The new update is redesigned from ground up, faster and  lighter, it will keep your gaming rig updated and help it  run better than ever before. It is 3X faster while using half the memory from the previous version. Plus, it has a new streamlined user interface based on suggestions from gamers.


In order to get the best features with GeForce Experience 3.0, gamers  will now require to sign in to an account. This can either be a created NVIDIA account, or they can log in using Facebook or Google+.

Signing in allows:

  • Quick and easy setting transfer across multiple PCs
  • Access to GeForce Rewards

Gamers do not have to sign up for any marketing emails etc. if they log in (this is totally optional) and their details will not be shared.

Know more about GeForce Experience 3.0 here.