NVIDIA’s latest GPU drivers support 4K Netflix on PC and add DirectX 12 support to Fermi-based GTX 400 and 500 series GPUs

NVIDIA’s latest 384-series GPU drivers features two major updates, first bringing DirectX 12 support to Fermi-based GTX 400 and 500 series GPUs and second is adding support for 4K Netflix on Pascal GPUs.

With new 384-series GPU drivers finally added DirectX 12 support to their Fermi GPUs, which was promised a long time ago when DirectX 12 was announced. Though, this support of DirectX 12 only features level 11_0, which is the lowest level of DirectX 12 support, though this is more than enough to allow older Fermi GPU to run DirectX 12 gaming titles. But it does not mean any huge performance improvement.

NVIDIA also added support for 4K Netflix decoding abilities to its Pascal GPU on Windows 10’s dedicated Netflix App. Previously, 4K Netflix support was exclusive to Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs, due in part to their support for HEVC Decoding abilities, though now this option has been opened up to NVIDIA users also.

Ultra HD Netflix will be limited to NVIDIA Pascal GPU owners who use Windows 10 with dedicated Netflix App and NVIDIA Geforce 384.76 drivers or newer. This is thanks to NVIDIA’s work to ensure that their latest drivers comply with all relevant DRM measures, though this comes with some compromises.

Netflix 4K required certain DRM checks to convince rights holders that the PC is safe to stream to, which means that all of the user’s displays must be HDCP 2.2 compliant, even in a multi-monitor setup. This will be a huge problem for those that use an older display alongside a 4K monitor.