NVIDIA’s Pascal Will feature 100% More Transistors Than Titan X

We realized that NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture modelling was going to convey an enormous overhaul over the present Maxwell-based offerings in the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and Titan X, however the transistor number will be crazy. Titan X highlights 8 billion transistors while Pascal will apparently contain a crazy 17 billion transistors.


NVIDIA will be tapping TSMC’s 16nm procedure for its Pascal architecture planning, and in addition utilizing HBM2, which ought to see a gigantic increment in GPU performance. Be that as it may, even with 17 billion transistors, the Pascal-based GPU will be fundamentally littler than the 28nm-based Maxwell GPUs, reports Fudzilla. NVIDIA will be making utilization of HBM2 on the cutting edge feature cards, presenting to 32GB of the cutting edge VRAM innovation on its most noteworthy end card.

NVIDIA's Pascal Will feature 100% More Transistors Than Titan X

Expect around half or more performance over the officially quick GTX 980 Ti, which will see NVIDIA dominate AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X. In any case, where does this leave AMD? At this time, AMD is in desperate need of a colossal engineering change, as Fiji didn’t generally convey anything new to the table. All AMD has done is utilized HBM1, however it’s advantages weren’t generally demonstrated on Fury X, aside from the card being littler than normal. With Pascal NVIDIA going to push AMD hard.