NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse now for Oculus Touch, adds two new levels

This week at Oculus Connect 3, NVIDIA announcing that VR Funhouse will support Oculus Touch. Also, NVIDIA bringing two zany new levels to the game, Wall Walker Toss and HotShot Basketball.

NVIDIA VR Funhouse is the world’s most advanced virtual reality game, highlighting the fusion of state of the art graphics and accurate physics modeling in a virtual reality experience of Midway challenges, arcade fun and table games. State of the art graphics is blended seamlessly with special effects from the NVIDIA GamesWorks SDK including NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA Hairworks, NVIDIA Flow, NVIDIA FleX and NVIDIA Destruction. Object interaction is enhanced by NVIDIA VRWorks PhysX-based haptics.

VR Funhouse is a free download.  More than 100,000 gamers have downloaded VR Funhouse since we released it in July. We have also opened it up to the modding community.

You can find VR Funhouse on Steam link down below.