NZXT has announced the new Source S340 Elite case

NZXT has announced the new Source S340 Elite case, which features several key design improvements and VR support. The most noticeable change is the tempered glass side panel and a magnetic puck which can be used to conveniently store your VR headset or traditional audio headsets when they are not in use.


Also, the new S340 Elite come with additional top mounted USB 3.0 ports and a top mounted HDMI port for easy VR cable connection.


Inside are mostly same with some new additions like a third SSD mount on the front side of the PSU cover. In the back, NZXT added new cable clips for easy cable management and the front cable hider shroud height is tweaked to support a front 280 AIO coolers.


S340 Elite main features:

  • Tempered-glass side-panel: showcase your build
  • VR cable management puck: move freely & clean cables
  • Front VR accessibility: plugging your VR headset is easy & convenient
  • Interior cable management clamps: easy cable management
  • Additional SSD tray: increase storage options

“The crisp, tempered glass of the S340 Elite allows PC users to present their builds with a level of clarity that is unprecedented for an NZXT chassis,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “We’ve always championed the idea that building truly beautiful PC’s should be easy for anyone and the S340 Elite makes this even simpler.”

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