NZXT reveals new Puck cable management system

A mysterious and powerful unidentified cable management Puck has been reported by local builders and gamers everywhere. Clinging to various metallic surfaces, the Puck has been described as compact, flexible and capable of separating as it searches to organize loose cables everywhere. No one knows where it originated from, but the Puck’s existence signals the end of cable clutter chaos.

“My headset was just lying on my desk with its cables dangling, haphazardly everywhere and sometimes trapped in the wheel of my desk chair,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder, and CEO. “This strange Puck showed up one night in a bright hue and magically all my headset cable management issues were solved!”

How to identify the Puck:

  • Various colors have been confirmed: black, white, red, blue and NZXT purple.
  • Its magnetic powers have fixed itself to surfaces like the NZXT S340 Elite, Noctis 450 ROG, or Manta.
  • Audio headsets, VR headsets are mysteriously well-organized in an efficient space-saving fashion.
  • The Puck has split into two parts to organize even more rogue cables simultaneously.
  • The Puck is made of futuristic, non-conductive and hazardous-free silicone.

All sightings of the Puck are to be shared immediately via media outlets, social media, radio, newspaper and word of mouth.

More information can be obtained about the Puck directly here.

Expected Return:

  • USA – February
  • EU – February
  • ROW – February

MSRP Pricing:

Puck (All Colors) – $19.99 USD