Oculus has removed its Rift only DRM system from their store

Oculus has removed its Rift only DRM system from their store, allowing HTC Vive users to play Oculus Games without using DRM bypassing method.

Oculus adds Oculus Rift only DRM (Digital Rights Management) on Runtime 1.4 update. Which prevented users from running Oculus games on HTC Vive headset, even if they bought and paid for that Oculus Game.

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For this reason, the ReVive has been created, which is an HTC Vive compatibility hack for Oculus Rift Exclusive games, which bypass Oculus’ DRM, and enable games to work on Vive. But ReVive also can use as future piracy on the platform.

The creator of ReVive said he did not support Piracy, but breaking the functionality of ReVive forced him to create a way to bypass Oculus’ DRM.

  This release should bypass the DRM on all Oculus Home games. Thus restoring the compatibility that Revive had before the Oculus Runtime 1.4 update. There is no more need for the RevivePlatform DLLs; you will need to remove these DLLs again or else you will get code signature errors.

I still do not support piracy, do not use this library for pirated copies.

Oculus may decide to drop their Oculus Only DRM, so ReVive hack no longer need and  HTC Vive’s users can play the real game through proper way. This also means DRM patch was no longer necessary; the patch to removed from all versions of the ReVive software, eliminating the ability for it to be used for piracy.  Also, allow HTC Vive owners to use the Oculus Gaming Store main more customers who are going to spend money on their games.

    I’ve only just tested this, and I’m still in disbelief, but it looks like Oculus removed the headset check from the DRM in Oculus Runtime 1.5. As such I’ve reverted the DRM patch and removed all binaries from previous releases that contained the patch.