Old CPU coolers will not be compatible with AMD’s new AM4 socket

The new AM4 CPU socket looks similar but not same size as the previous sockets, so the old CPU cooler which supported AM3+ will not fit on AMD’s upcoming AM4 CPU socket, making it difficult to use older CPU coolers on the new platform.

AMD didn’t change their CPU coolers mounts for a long time now, AMD current mounting solutions been here since their AM2 socket, which dates back to 2006, leaving many to assume that things would remain unchanged with AM4.

Backplates of AM3 on the left and AM4 on the right

Now we are closer to launch, there have been many reports regarding AMD’s AM4 socket, though it now seems that AMD’s AM4 socket will indeed be using a new mounting solution, with the new socket using a 90mm x 54mm mounting solution instead of AMD’s traditional AM3+ 96mm x 48mm mounting solution.

CPU Socket Length     Height    
AM2/3/3+ FM2/2+ 96mm 48mm
AM4 90mm 54mm

Noctua has already confirmed that their existing CPU coolers will be AM4 compatible, with plans to ship a free AM4 mounting kit to everyone who uses a Noctua CPU cooler that is under 10-years-old, with the exception of their D0 series and their NH-L9i series.

Not just Noctua alone did not confirm that AMD was using a new mounting solution, we also see images appeared of the CPU socket, and now pictures of AMD’s AM4 mounting plate have surfaced, confirming that the new socket will indeed use different mounting holes.

Below you can see pictures of two Alphacool Eisbaer/Be Quiet Silent Loop mounting brackets, with the older AMD AM3/FM2 mounting bracket on the left and the new AM4 water cooling bracket in the right.

AM3+ AM4

As we can see that the new AM4 version of the mount is different and the CPU mounting config also different. The AMD’s AM4 socket would use a 90mm x 54mm mounting configuration.