Ozone Announces Official Origen Gear

Ozone’s team and xPeke have been closely working for more than one year to develop these products, bringing fresh concepts regarding ergonomics, comfort, and performance. Last year, the international brand of high-performance products for gamers released the first Official Origen Mousepad, being warmly received for the gaming community. Today Ozone completes the line with a high-end headset and mouse.

“At the Ozone headquarters, we feel really proud to work with xPeke, one of the most successful eSport athletes to date, and his team Origen. It is very easy to work with him and developing this product line from the scratch has been an exciting process with amazing results.” says Rojo Galvín, Ozone gaming’s brand manager.


Ekho H80 Origen Ekho H80 Origen

7.1 premium virtual sound
Ekho H80 Origen provides the finest audio immersion thanks to its 7.1 premium virtual sound. User comfort and positioning needed in any game and any situation are the keys when it comes to gaming headsets; this is why we have built a product that exceeds all gamer needs.
Making sure you experience gaming as you never did before.

Listen to game effects, music and enemy movements as they were meant to be heard.

Ozone engineering team has put a lot of effort when it comes to comfort. Ekho H80 features soft padded headband cushions and extra large earpads to provide a comfortable experience while isolating the users from surrounding noise.
Exon F60 Origen Exon F60 Origen
With 16.8 million colors RGB and lighting FX, an accurate 7000 DPI optical sensor and a stunning Origen Design, Exon F60 provides a high-end performance allowing you to have all the knowledge of one the most famous teams of the world in your hands.

Ensuring maximum control and precision Exon F60 features a special coated surface with antislip rubber material, ergonomic button disposition, and comfortable thumb-rest.

Origen Software
A very intuitive software is included so you can customize all ExonF60 functions (DPI, polling rate, line snapping or sensor height) so it can fit your personal style, getting the most out of it.

You will be able to experience the game from all directions with Ekho Origen Headset Surround software. Our performance audio is enhanced with 7.1 technologies offering the best positional advantage to make your game better.

In words of Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño “It was great to work with Ozone in such a special creation. I had never participated in a product design process and I really enjoyed it and learned from Ozone know-how. I’m amazed by the results and hope everybody will love these products as much as I do.”

  • Launch Date: First week of September
  • Price EKHO ORIGEN: 69,90€
  • Price EXON F60: 59,90€