OZONE announces RAGE Z50 Series Gaming Headsets

Ozone announces the RAGE Z50 series gaming headsets. The RAGE series have become one of the most popular Headsets of the history of our brand. An aggressive design with a high performance that has reached thousand of players all over the world. As a prime force, Rage needs evolution, adaptation and to take steps forward to fulfill the requirements of a new age. And this is exactly what we have done. Enjoy our unique design with new features, strong and durable materials to give you exactly what you need. A prime force, renewed.

RAGE Z50“Rage is part of our image. It’s one of the most successful series we have ever created. But we wanted to improve it to fulfill the requirements of the gamer. A higher performance with our acclaimed classic look” says Rojo Galvín , Ozone Gaming Brand Manager. “That’s why we have created both series, Classic and Glow , so our fans can choose different colors and designs to suit every style” added Galvín.

  • High Comfort and optimized weight
  • Rage Z50 is a highly adjustable and extremely lightweight headset.
  • It will still be comfortable to use even for the longest game sessions.
  • It also features premium materials , soft-leather padding and low-weight durable plastic.
  • Built for last.

Fully retractable Microphone
We love freedom and that’s exactly what we offer to you in every single product. With Rage z50 you can adjust the mic to your exact needs, or simply retract it into the earcup and keep it safe. We just want you to be focused at all times. A total immersion in the game, in the fight .

RAGE Z50 GLOW 1Premium stereo sound
Our Rage’s series of audio products have been designed with an meticulous care and an unique design that has become in one of the most successful products of the Brand. Rage Z50 is optimized for both the lower, mid and high frequencies offering a stunning quality experience and a better sound positioning.
Available in glow and classic colors
Nowadays gamers have a way of life quite different than some time ago. We adapt our products to fit in every gamer’s lifestyle. Our product design is eye-catching, comfortable and available in several colors to fulfill all your needs. Just choose which one suits you and take it wherever you go.
RAGE Z50 CLASSICExtreme motion. Extreme GLOW
When we are ingame, new emotions arise. Joy, pride, surprise , fear , courage. Feelings that can make us reach the top. With the new Glow Series headset line we want to express that sea of emotions that are created within the game. 4 different colors available. Just choose yours. And use it to win.

Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets & PCs
Whether you like to listen to your favorite song on your Smartphone, watch a movie on your tablet or enjoy an intense Gaming session on your PC (Mini Jack Splitter included), Rage Z50 will deliver the best sound quality in every device.

Pricing and Availability

  • MSRP RAGE Z50 CLASSIC: 49,90€
  • MSRP RAGE Z50 GLOW: 51,90€
  • Availability: End of August