Palit Announces its SSD Storage Business with Two New Product Lines Palit UVS series and Palit GFS series

Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, now is expanding a new product lineup-SSD storage business. SSDs are now considered essential components of any modern gaming rig. Adding SSD into Palit product line is aim to provide a total solution for computer users, who can not only enjoy GeForce graphics technologies, but also with faster storage processing. Installing OS/Apps/Games and stored on an SSD, Palit SSD will make your Windows boots faster and game levels load in a snap.
Palit’s UV-S series SSD is equipped with a SATA III interface in a standard 2.5 inch form factor. The drive provides fast read speeds that can effectively shorten boot time and boost application launch speed, giving it an enormous advantage over traditional HDD. Palit UV-S SSD has a wide range of capacities, fast read/write performance and low energy consumption, making it the ideal storage solution to satisfy every need.

Palit’s GF-S series SSD comes with a SATA III interface and is designed to perform for the Gamers. The GF-S series is specially made with high-quality MLC flash memory chips to provide exceptional, world-leading read/write speeds. Its purpose is to be the perfect gaming gear, giving gamers the ultimate experience.

Palit SSD Features:

  • Solid-state storage devices with much lower operation temperature to ensure higher reliability than traditional hard drive
  • Faster operation for system boot up and application software loading
  • Low power consumption with power saving implemented
  • LDPC ECC correction
  • Program upgradable
  • Static and dynamic wear-leveling
  • TRIM support
  • Low noise operation
  • 2.5″, 7mm

For more information, visit the product pages of the Palit UVS series and Palit GFS series.