PCSpecialist release 32″ Devcon Gamer Configurable AIO Desktops

PCSpecialist Release 32″ Devcon Gamer Configurable AIO Desktops, which can support ATX motherboards and full Desktop GPUs, allowing users to upgrade any hardware inside for future.

32Devcon Gamer-2 32Devcon Gamer-3

This is time Devcon Gamer AIO models comes with 1080p resolution, but higher resolution versions may become available. Currently all models available with Intel Z170 CPUs with ASUS motherboards, Kingston DDR4 memory and Nvidia GPUs, but AMD GPU options are available.

32Devcon Gamer-7

32Devcon Gamer 32Devcon Gamer-4
32Devcon Gamer-5 32Devcon Gamer-6