PGS- The portable console for PC games

The Portable gaming devices today are very limited; the Android gaming are taking shape but it still a long way to go before Android can provide a satisfying gaming experience. The old PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS has already outlived their life span, and their hardware specifications are no longer valid for today’s standard. This cause a big gap in the portable gaming market.


Say hello, to the PGS Portable Gaming System, which looks like Nintendo’s 3DS, but packs a fully fledged PC in inside with an Intel X7 Z8750 mobile CPU and contains a 1440p OLED screen.

The PGS is designed to run both the desktop version of Windows 10 and Android games with natively 720p resolution with 30fps, which is good enough for a system with a mobile Intel GPU.


The PGS can be used as a mini desktop with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Also, the game can play using its integrated DPAD, analog sticks, and all other basic controller buttons for portable game streaming from a PS4, Xbox One or PC.

The PGS is running a Kickstarter campaign where it cost $230 for the first batch and $280 afterward. There is a higher-end version available with higher storage, more system memory, and a more capacity battery.  Full specifications can be found on the device’s Kickstarter page.


At this time the PGS is expected to ship to backers in March 2017, with a global release later in that month. The company is also planning to build an Apollo lake variant of PGS in September 2017 which will offer higher levels of performance.

You can see the official PGS Kickstarter page here.