Phanteks Announces Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Window Edition Chassis


Phanteks today announced the Enthoo PRO M Acrylic Window Edition. Phanteks’ new Enthoo Pro M variant will now include a full acrylic side panel. The Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Window Edition will include features like the new HDD mounting system, PWM hub, the innovative radiator bracket and pump mounting locations. System builders and water-cooling enthusiasts can now showcase their build.

Enthoo PRO M

The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition has a full acrylic window, front and top brushed aluminum look panels, and the innovative radiator bracket. The I/O port now resides on the side of the front panel creating a simple but elegant design without the cost. The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition will feature a large interior to support full ATX. A innovative top radiator bracket to allow easy installation of the radiator and/or fans like the Enthoo EVOLV ATX and the EVOLV ITX.


Enthoo PRO M 1

The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition comes with the all new HDD mounting system that can support multiple storage with the optional HDD bracket (PH-HDDKT_02).

Enthoo PRO M 2

The PRO M Acrylic Window Edition is designed with water-cooling in mind. Multiple reservoir and pump mounting locations, as well as storage capacity are all possible with the upgrade options. With the full acrylic side panel, all your components will be visible.

Enthoo PRO M 3

“Being very versatile, having a spacious and clean interior and of course making it very easy to build water-cooling systems is what the Enthoo Series is all about.” – Boon Tuoh Khor.


Available at most local retailers in December, 2015, the recommended retail price is €89,90 / £69.99 (VAT Included).