The PlayStation 4 Slim’s arrival triggered at least one PS4 deal with a huge $100 gift card as a bonus

With the leaked PS4 Slim details shows on news headlines, it’s only irresistible retailers will begin offering deals on the old PS4 to clear their stock. The first making waves so far is Dell.




Are you about to getting a PS4? Dell Home might be thought of more of a PC retailer, but Dell does carry a fair amount of console video games and accessories. Right now at Dell, they are selling a PlayStation 4 with Call of Duty : Black Ops3 bundle and also with a 100$ eGift Card as a bonus tacked onto it. Since the price is the same $350 as every other retailer online, So, it means that you’re effectively getting the PS4 for only $250. That makes it the best deal of the Summer for a PlayStation 4.

But Dell isn’t showcasing this deal on their site. In order to even see the Gift Card bonus you’ll need to add the system to the shopping cart, but once at checkout the $100 Gift Card will be automatically added to your cart.

The Gift Card is not a physical item, and in fact arrives via email. After purchase expect about 10 – 20 days for the eGift Card to arrive. It’ll be good for anything sold at Dell, be it more PS4 video games or PC parts. Note that the promotional card has a lifespan of 90 days, so you’ll be able to use it near the upcoming holiday season cycle too.

This effective price of $250 for a PS4 bundle marks one of the best PS4 deals to date. Currently the cheapest price online for a PlayStation 4 from a reputable retailer is at Groupon, who is selling refurbished units for $299.99. While you are saving $50 up front at Groupon, the $100 extra to spend (and a copy of Black Ops 3) feels like by far a much better deal.