Pokémon Plus Go Device Delayed for Two Month

Pokémon Go Plus, the hardware device of Pokémon Go, was supposed to come out at the end of July. But, Nintendo residual the launch by two months. Now it will launch sometime in September.


Pokémon Plus Go device accessory connects to your phone via Bluetooth low energy and provides a way for you to receive notifications through vibrations and a small light. The accessory on your wrist, you don’t have to keep your phone open. When you come near a Pokéstop, the device’s light will blink, and vibrate. You can press a button on it to scan the location for items, but you’ll still actually have to collect your rewards by tapping on your phone.

Pokémon Go Plus

Because of this two-month delay, Nintendo will be missing out on the vital window of opportunity as Pokémon Go is in trend and lots of hype around it.