PowerColor released the Radeon RX 470 Red DEVIL

TUL Corporation, a leading and innovative manufacturer of AMD graphic cards since 1997, has released a brand new video card in PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 4 GB GDDR5. It is based on AMD’s latest GCN 4 architecture designed for GloFo 14 nm FinFET that delivers premium VR capability, increased level of performance, smooth VR, seamless support for next-gen gaming monitors, and CPU-free game streaming or recording. Furthermore, the model also supports AMD’s newest technologies such as Direct 12 and Vulkan, FreeSync, and Liquid VR.

PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 2PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 4 GB GDDR5 utilizes 4 GB of GDDR5 memory with 2048 stream processors, ships core clock up to 1270 MHz, and has 1750 MHz memory clock speed which is connected via a new high speed 256-bit memory interface. Having a 8 Pin power connector plus superior 6+1 multi-phases where each phase supplies 25W instead of 22.5W found in other boards this board is designed for the ultimate performance and supplying stable power.

PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 1The board design enhances the power efficiency and stability, and also enables ultimate performance in overclocking mode with BIOS switch. In order to achieve better thermal solution in both ultra overclocking and silent overclocking mode, PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 adopts the newest fan technology called Double Blade III which has more fan blades for increasing airflow and prevents dust deposition on fans. The Double Blade III is made with dual 80 mm 2-ball bearing fans, give 4 times longevity than the regular fans, with 2 pieces of 8 mm and another 2 pieces of 6 mm nickel-plated heat pipe for the best heat dissipation.
PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 3In creating one solid card with all components, the Red Devil also includes a backplate as well as having the PCB locked in a thermal module using the method of spring screws to pin through the rivets. The backplate and the copper based thermal module hold the GPU for not only balancing the pressure of the whole board but also for avoiding the damage done to the GPU and other components if dropped.

PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 4