PowerColor RX 580 Red Devil and Red Devil Golden has been spotted

PowerColor’s RX 580 Red Devil and Red Devil Golden Sample GPUs have been spotted, with both GPUs using new PCB designs than their RX 400 series counterparts.

This marks PowerColor’s new RX 500 series GPUs as more than just a Polaris Refresh, featuring not only improved clock speeds over the RX 480 but also with a larger cooler design and beefier power delivery system.

The RX 580 Red Devil features a dual slot cooler design, while the Red Devil Golden features a larger 2.5-slot cooler. Also, the heatsink not just covers the CPU it also covers the memory chips and VRM meaning much better cooling performance. The card is powered by an 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors. The cards feature a pentagram design on the GPU’s backplate. The clock speeds of these new cards still unknown, but AMD is expected to announce their RX 500 series on April 18th.