It’s probably Z270, first GIGABYTE Aorus Series Motherboard Teased

If we go back in early November, it was reported that GIGABYTE is planning to come out with a new front against rivals like MSI Gaming and ASUS Republic of Gamers by Aorus-branded graphics cards and motherboards in 2017. Now it smells like the company appears to be ready with the motherboards and a teaser picture posted on its Facebook page reveals at least one enthusiast-segment socket LGA1151 motherboard, which is likely based on the Intel Z270 Express chipset. The few features also explained like four PCI-Express x16 slots (of which two could be wired to the Z270 chipset and electrical x4, given the chipset’s 4 additional PCIe downstream lanes), a premium RGB LEDs all over the board included the master class overclocking features.