Raijintek shows the World’s First Passive Liquid Cooler

Raijintek has created world’s first liquid cooler that works without a pump and fan, an entirely passive CPU liquid cooler, which is a completely silent.

the World's First Passive Liquid Cooler

This cooler is based on heat pipe concept, using phase change cooling to transport heat quickly from the water block to the radiator, where the radiator can passively cool the vapour into a liquid which then returns in the block. Raijintek spent lots on R&D budget developing this technology and has patented it in most markets. Raijintek says they will be releasing products based on this technology very soon.

the World's First Passive Liquid Cooler 1 the World's First Passive Liquid Cooler 2

At this time, we do not know how the thermal performance this technology can provide. Hopefully, the end product can deliver a decent performance so that silent lovers can use this cooler.