Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.0 is out, It breaks the game more than fixing

Ubisoft released latest patch to fix the game Rainbow Six Siege for all platforms, it turns out that new patch brings massive amount of bugs making game almost unplayable in some cases. Ubisoft is trying to fix them before it gets more worse.


Three bugs are reported by now,

1. Knife fails to register any hits,

2. Player models gets stuck in a position that prevents the enemy from actually seeing player’s orientation,

3. Hit registration isn’t working good.

There’s also some other issues reported like some performance issues with SLI not working properly, or at all in some cases. AMD performance issues also reported in this patch and Crossfire seems to be the culprit. Disabling it seems to fix the issue.

Ubisoft is working hard on fixing each individual issue, and have released out smaller updates as some of the problems have been sorted. A larger patch is expected in mid-February that’ll fix some of the more complicated client and server side issues.