Razer Stargazer, a Webcam, 3D Scanner and gesture controller

Razer reveal Stargazer a high end Webcams for gamers and streamers, the Razer Stargazer not only a webcam, which can operate at 720p at 60FPS but can also be used as a 3D scanner, allowing the user to create 3D models of household items easily and quickly using Intel’s REALSense technology, which allows you to use it like a gesture controller.

Razer Stargazer-1 Razer Stargazer

Traditional webcams just don’t cut it when it comes to meeting the demands of game streamers and broadcasters today. It needs an entirely new webcam.

Enter the Razer Stargazer – offering the highest frame rate optimized resolution for an entirely new generation of gamers. At 60 frames per second, streamers and their audiences will enjoy incredible lifelike video quality to match their game streams.


Razer Stargazer-2

Product Features

  • Ultra-high 60 frames per second capture optimized for streaming (720p max)
  • Max 1080p HD video capture
  • Automatic noise cancelling dual array mic
  • Dynamic Background Removal
  • 3D scanning
  • Facial/gesture recognition
  • Flexible clip for laptops and desktop monitors


Razer Stargazer can be an excellent product among 3D printers and Twitch Streamers, offering exceptionally useful features.