Only reference design RX 480 will be available on launch date?

Overclock3d reported that a member of OCUK staff has stated that the AMD RX 480 will have a reference only launch, which means that all AMD RX 480 GPUs will have the AMD reference coolers on them by launched on June 29th.

reference design RX 480

When asked whether there will be aftermarket RX 480 GPUs at launch OCUK’s Gibbo stated that AMD has delivered an excellent reference cooler for their Polaris GPUs, offering quiet operation, great thermal performance and a “great” aesthetic.

No custom stuff, ref. Only which in my view is fine as AMD nailed the cooler, this time, it looks great, is quiet and performs. 

RX 480 2

The RX 480 is expected to give similar performance to a GTX 970 in 3DMARK, but we have to see what kind of performance it will give in-game.