Remedy Games officially revealed Quantum Break’s PC Display Options Menu

Quantum Break’s PC Graphical Options Menu has been officially revealed by Remedy Games, showing all of display settings.

      “By popular request, we decided to share the Windows 10 version graphics settings that you’ll be able to tweak to get the most out of your gaming set-up. With options varying between on/off, minimum, medium, high and ultra, you can adjust the graphical fidelity of Quantum Break to your liking and experience the game even in 4K resolution. Check out the screenshots below to see all the options.”

Quantum Break's PC Display Options Menu

Quantum Break's PC Display Options Menu 1

According the screen shots, the available graphical options include resolution, volumetric lighting, shadow resolution, shadow filtering, texture resolution, screen space ambient occlusion, screen space reflections, effects quality, AA and Global Illumination. But interestingly there is no V-Sync options to be seen.

Quantum Break's PC Display Options Menu 2

Quantum Break will only support new DirectX 12 API, so there for it will be exclusive to Windows 10 and newer GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia that supports DirectX 12.

Quantum Break will be releasing on PC on April 5th by the Windows 10 store.