Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps delayed until June, for performance optimize

Capcom release a statement earlier today saying that they’re going to be delaying Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, the spin-off survival horror third-person shooter, until June 21st.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

In the statement, they sad that they need more time so they can properly optimize the game, so it able to provide the best experience possible. They are optimizing to get the 60FPS performance target on the PC and PS4. So a late launch better than a bad launch.

Umbrella Corps is a fast-paced third-person shooter that’s set in the Resident Evil universe. It’s an online competitive game that lets you play against your friends in that zombie infested world. The game will be features intense customization options for your character. Every win or defeat will get you points that can be used to unlock those different customizable options likes different patches, logos, crests and more.

The new release date is June 21st on PC and PlayStation 4 for $29.99.