ReVive now have full SteamVR integration, play Oculus games on HTC Vive

ReVive now has acquired full SteamVR integration, allowing HTC Vive users to place Oculus Home games automatically onto your SteamVR dashboard and play “Oculus Exclusive” games.


LibreVR now lets the HTC Vive work with Oculus Store games automatically. It also allows the HTC Vive motion controllers to simulate the Oculus Touch and Remote controls. Which allows the HTC Vive users to play Oculus Touch compatible games, even before Oculus launches their motion controls in the market.

Introducing the Games Coming to Oculus!

ReVive achieved This by adding a compatibility layer, which bridges the gap between the Oculus SDK and OpenVR SDK, allowing Oculus Rift exclusive games to worked on the HTC Vive.

Right now not all games on the Oculus Storefront functions properly, but thankfully the developers have provided a compatibility list for all functioning and semi-functional Oculus Home applications. This compatibility list is available here.

New addition:

  • Added Revive dashboard integration.
  • Automatically add Oculus Home games to your Steam Library.
  • Added experimental OpenGL support.


  • Fixed incorrect IPD information being shown in Technolust.
  • Fixed wrong tracker orientation.


Newly installed games will give you an Entitlement check failed or similar error until you reboot the Oculus Runtime Service, quickest way to do that is opening a command prompt and entering these commands:

  • OVRServiceLauncher -stop
  • OVRServiceLauncher -start

This will also automatically be done by the installer when you’re installing Revive.

You can download the new Revive VR hack on Github.