RzEsports Z Series Gaming Chair Review


Today’s market is currently flooded with all kind of gaming peripherals one of them is a gaming chair which plays a very essential role for a long gaming session. If your chair is not comfortable enough executing a long gaming session is very difficult. Finding a good quality gaming chair is very challenging now these days because there is so many of them giving you so many features for these reasons it’s quite a bit of confusing to find a chair that really fulfills your needs. That’s why we are going to review a brand new gaming chair from RzEsports for you guys.

RzEsports is a relatively new brand in the gaming chair segment they introduced really cool looking good quality gaming chair which will fulfill your need. We pick their Z series chair which is categorized as an exclusive premium range in their website, we will test their chair is that any good as it stated an exclusive premium range or it’s just a marketing gimmick.

RzEsports Z Series Gaming Chair Review


The RzEsports Z series chair support s all types of functionality for a chair recommended by National Institute of Health for ultimate comfort that includes:

  1. Chair with five point base
  2. Dense Foam padding
  3. Backrest with lumbar support
  4. Adjustable Armrests
  5. Adjustable seat height
  6. Chair recline or tilt


  • Foam :               Fully Molded Cold Foam
  • Frame :               Black Metal
  • Arm Type :               4D Adjustable
  • Chair Colors :               RED – DARK BLUE
  • Chair Cover :               Prime / Perforated PU Leather
  • Mechanism Type :               Multi Function Tilt
  • Rocking Rage :               About 15 Degrees
  • Gas Lift :               80mm Class 4 Gaslift
  • Base :               Reinforced Aluminium
  • Pillows :               Head (Memory Foam) and Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Backrest Angle :               90 – 160 Degree