Samsung announces it is working on 11K display with 2250PPI

Samsung has announced that they are developing the world’s first 11K super-resolution.This resolution will collaborating other industries and education.

The new 11K super-resolution would feature an absolutely insane 2250PPI. Today’s current high-end 5K resolution and PPI is a resolution of 5120×2880, with a 218PPI on a 27-inch display. Samsung Display wants to hit the 2250PPI level at 11K, which will reportedly implement a “3D effect”. The immense resolution and pixel density will supposedly provide a 3D effect, which would be a huge boon for VR screens, large screen TVs and even cinemas. The South Korean government is investing $26.5 million spread out over 5 years.


Executive Director Chu Hye Yong of Samsung Display’s Base Technology Department said: “We are hoping that we are able to show such technologies at Pyeongchang Olympics if there is a progress in developing technologies. Although some might think that 11K as ‘over specification’ that consumers do not need, this can work as a basis for Korean display industry take another leap if related materials and parts improve through this”.

SOURCE: tweaktown