Samsung unveils Z-NAND powered SSD

Samsung has unveiled a new Z-NAND powered SSD, which offer lower latencies and increased throughput when compared to traditional SSDs.

Z-NAND is intended to help bridge the gap between DRAM, though unlike Intel’s new XPoint memory, Z-NAND is not a new memory design, it is simply a type of NAND that offers better performance matrix. At this time, it is unknown what kind of changes Samsung has done on this new NAND type, though they state that it provides much lower latencies and comes with a new memory controller to take advantage of the NAND’s improved characteristics.

Samsung’s first Z-NAND powered drive comes with capacities of 800GB, with 1TB, 2TB and 4TB drives planned for the future. These SSDs will come in a PCIe form factor with 4x lanes interface and will offer sequential read/write speeds of 3.2GBps, with random read/write speeds of 750K/160K IOPS. Samsung claims the Z-NAND drives will offer 70% lower latency than their current NVMe drives.