Samsung’s new FoWLP technology doesn’t require a PCB to make smartphones thinner

It seems like Samsung is continuously out-innovate for everyone else, Samsung and also TSMC are producing chips using the all new FoWLP yield technology, and now you will think that what is this FoWLP yield technology?

fowlp yield

Fan-Out Wafter Level Packaging Platform or FoWLP, which allows smartphone OEMs to reduce the thickness of their devices by a great degree, which has some multiple benefits. FoWLP also doesn’t need a PCB & also increases the efficiency of chips by 30% as well as reducing the thickness of smartphones by at least 0.3mm which looks like a great view.

Apple is reportedly using TSMC as it’s the main supplier of 10nm FinFET processors & Samsung wants a cut from that business which is where FoWLP comes into the main goal. Samsung might shut off winking just right at Apple. Especially if TSMC can not keep up with Apple’s high demand. With smartphones hitting the whole no bezel, super-thin, more battery wishlist – Samsung’s impressive new FoWLP technology is going to come in handy big time over the upcoming years.