Samsung’s next-gen ‘Mongoose’ processor

Samsung’s next-gen processor codename ‘Mongoose’ will have double performance then current Exynos 7420. Samsung want to win next mobile processor race against Qualcomm.

Samsung's next-gen 'Mongoose' processor

The leaked Benchmark results of the new Mongoose shows, the SOC have four cores clocked at 2.4GHz and Mali T880 GPU. The leaked Geekbench result is insane 7497 multi-core and 2136 single-core, which almost double compare Exynos 7420 score 4970 multi-core and 1486 in single core. Also in ‘power-saving mode’ Mongoose can beats the Exynos 7420, with 1698 and 5363 in the single- and multi-core benchmarks respectively. For GPU performance we have GFXBench fps number, in Manhattan off-screen scores are 59.4 fps and T-Rex off screen scores are 108.9 fps which is again double.

Samsung's next-gen 'Mongoose' processor

This results remind us how much progress have been made in past few of years and next gen of mobile processors will have some serious power. Samsung’s next-gen smart phone will powered by Mongoose processor in 2016.