Sapphire bring RX 460 with Full Polaris 11 with 1024 Shaders at 1250 MHz

As previously posted, some versions of AMD’s RX 460 graphics cards can be unlocked to full Polaris 11 configuration with a simple BIOS update. Which raised some questions as to why AMD didn’t initially launch the RX 460 with its full potential, increasing their competitiveness against rival NVIDIA’s offerings, but now, it seems at least one of AMD’s AIB partners has decided to take action in releasing a fully unlocked Polaris 11 GPU.

Standard RX460

Be the first Sapphire Radeon RX 460 Nitro OC, is the first officially launched retail version of the full, unlocked Polaris 11 chip, with all of its stream processors unlocked, for a total of 1024 SPs against the standard 896 Shaders. This brings the card’s peak theoretical throughput at 2.56 TFLOPs (versus the base 2.2 TFLOPs on the 896 SP version) while keeping the card’s 75 W TDP. This unlocked version of the RX 460 to deliver on average 7% greater performance than standard 896 Shaders version.

As of now, it is unknown availability and pricing but it most likely available in Asia Pacific region.