SAPPHIRE launched its GPRO E-Series Professional Graphics

SAPPHIRE Technology is launching its new GPRO E-Series graphics cards series for professional and industrial usage. A comprehensive lineup of models, ranging from the best-performing to most compact and power-efficient units, will suit the varying needs of businesses. Increased computational through put and further power optimizations allow for more immersive visuals and sophisticated applications – from digital gaming and casinos to industrial automation, medical, aerospace, and defence.
Available starting in Q3 2017, the SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series includes 4 models with different power levels and outputs. The E-Series lineup starts with the SAPPHIRE GPRO E9260, the fastest of the debuting cards, with 2.5 TFLOPS of computing power in single precision operations. SAPPHIRE has included 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and 4 DisplayPort 1.3 outputs. Thanks to the latest generation of Polaris GPU architecture, with updated display engine, the card can drive up to 2 screens in 5K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate or up to 4 screens in 4K and 60 Hz. The applied thermal solution is active, with a single efficient, dual ball bearing fan. The GPRO E9260 model is dedicated to the most graphically-demanding and compute-heavy scenarios such us high-end digital gaming, advanced Real-time medical imaging as well as military.

Next up, the SAPPHIRE GPRO E8870 enters the market with 1.5 TFLOPs of single precision performance, 4 GB of GDDR5 memory and 6x Mini DisplayPort 1.2 outputs. The card is powered by AMD Embedded Radeon E8870 GPU with full support for DirectX 12. It can drive up to 6x 4K displays with 60 Hz. Thanks to its performance, the GPRO E8870 can be applied to graphically intensive, multi-display use cases that require great responsiveness. For more secure display connectivity, the GPRO E8870 features a screw secure lock, designed to remove the risk of accidental disconnections of cords from the card. Like the GPRO E9260, it’s actively cooled by a single dual-ball bearing fan.

These two top-end models do not exceed 80 W of peak power consumption. Both also support full 30-bit display pipeline and DirectGMA. Devices supporting DirectGMA can write directly into the local memory of GPUs. This functionality can dramatically reduce latency and host system “overhead” as needed for Real-time broadcasting and other types of high-speed communications applications.

For multi-display appliances that also demand small form factors and low powering, SAPPHIRE introduces the Radeon E8860 and GPRO E6465. Dedicated for digital gaming, signage, and medical imaging, they come with a low profile (HH/HL) form factor.

The SAPPHIRE Radeon E8860 delivers 768 GFLOPS of compute power and comes equipped with 4x Mini DisplayPort 1.2 that can drive up to 4 screens in 4K @ 30 Hz or a single 4K screen @ 60 Hz. Its peak power consumption doesn’t exceed 40 W. The card is actively cooled by a single fan.

The SAPPHIRE GPRO E6465 is best suited for less demanding workloads, with 192 GFLOPS of single precision performance. Driving up to 4 displays in 4K @ 30 Hz, it maintains superb work productivity. With noiseless, entirely passive cooling and only 30 W of maximum power consumption, it’s perfect for scenarios where power and thermal limitations play a key role.

Implemented in all GPRO E-Series cards is the bezel compensation that prevents interference and image distortion when displaying a single large image across multiple displays.