Sapphire launched Radeon R9 Fury NITRO Graphics Card

Sapphire launched another premium Radeon R9 Fury graphics card, the R9 Fury Nitro. The new card will replace the R9 Fury Tri-X as the company’s top R9 Fury offering. The cooler features a dense, split aluminium fin-stack heatsink, with three fans. Under the cooler NITR features a custom-design PCB by sapphire, which is slightly longer and taller than AMD’s reference “Fiji” PCB, but doesn’t cover the entire length of the card. This PCB is said to be 8-layer, compared to the 6-layer PCB on the reference-design “Fiji” board. The R9 Fury NITRO comes with factory overclock of 1050 MHz core, and standard speed of 500 MHz (512 GB/s) HBM memory. Sapphire also customize the of the card I/O, which includes a DVI connector, in addition to three DisplayPorts 1.2a and an HDMI.

R9 Fury NITRO 3

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