Seagate has showcased a 60TB NVMe SSD in 3.5″ inch form factor

Seagate knows for their mechanical hard drives, but the company has created a new 60TB SSD in the 3.5″ form factor, which is highest capacity SSD in the world.

60TB NVMe SSD in 3.5 inch form factor

The drive still is a prototype and only for demonstration, but Seagate has stated that they plan to release this drive in 2017. This drive has been created for both high capacities and ultra-fast data access, with Seagate planning to release even higher capacities versions of this SSD in the future (100TB+) within the same 3.5″ form factor. But Seagate didn’t talk about any read or write speeds or any detailed specifications for this new 60TB SAS SSD.

Seagate also says that this new SSD offers efficient energy storage and industry-leading data density, opening up the possibility for servers to have 1 Petabyte (1,000TB) of storage with just 17 of these new 60TB SSD drives.