Seasonic upgraded PRIME Series PSU Warranty to 12 Years

In early 2003 the ATX Mainboard 20-Pin connector was upgraded to the current ATX 24-Pin connector. Although rumors for another change have since been around, the 24-Pin standard continues and there is still no significant change in sight. Even as CPU speed, system components evolve, we still see many of our customers holding on to the most basic and important of their components, the power supply. We have end users reporting to us that their 10 years old Seasonic power supply is still running strong and we are so happy to hear this because this affirms that we have done what we set out to do; provide a long-term, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable solution to our customers.

We want to continue to do our best to keep the trust of our customers. We want them to know that when they buy a Seasonic power supply, they buy for the long term.
For this reason, effective immediately, the factory warranty on all Seasonic PRIME series power supplies will be upgraded from the current 10 years to an industry leading 12 years. This also includes all PRIME units that have already been sold prior to this date. This not only demonstrates the trust and belief in our own products but we also want to prove and show our appreciation to our customers for their support. We have their backs as they can change all their other components but the Seasonic power supply will just keep on working and will be protected with an exceptionally strong factory warranty.