Sharkoon Announces the SKILLER SGS4 Gaming Seat

Sharkoon has broadened its range of gaming seats and introduces, with the SKILLER SGS4, a model that not only has the convenient functions of the SKILLER SGS3 but also offers expanded seating comfort. An improved steel frame construction is the basis of a 150 kg load capacity. Thanks to an enlarged seat cushion and backrest, the manufacturer recommends a maximum user height of 200 cm.

Sharkoon Announces the SKILLER SGS4 Gaming SeatThe Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 has been kept in a black look. However, versions with color accents in red, green or blue are also available as well as a version in black and white. The supplied head and lumbar cushions match the color accents of the seats. The cushions can be easily attached and support the neck and spine during longer gaming sessions. The textile covers of the cushions can be simply removed and washed at 30° C.

Due to the enlarged seat cushion and backrest, more sizeable seating comfort can be offered compared to previous models. The required stability has been achieved by means of the improved steel frame construction with a consistent diameter of 22 mm. Additional stability is provided by the solid five-star base made of aluminum as well as the extra-large 75 mm wheels. These guarantee mobility on all even floors and can be blocked using the practical wheel locks.

Seating comfort is provided by a supportive foam padding (with a density specified at 70kg/ m3) in the seat cushion and backrest. In addition, the synthetic leather in these areas is perforated and breathable. An ergonomic seating posture is supported by the 4D armrests, which can be adjusted for any arm length, to the desired height or width, or to a specific horizontal angle. The stable Class-4 gas lift piston provides the optimum seat height. For relaxation, even during the game, the advanced suspension and tilt control system can be used. This allows the seat to be tilted and rocked, which, using the tilt angle lock, can be locked into a position from 0° to 14°. During extended breaks, the backrest invites the gamer to relax at a wide lockable angle between 90° and 160°.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 gaming seat is now available in five color versions at a suggested retail price of 329 Euros.