Shashank “sammad143” Medhi is now “The Mad Bros”

Press Release: This is the story of how an individual venture soon turns into a partnership when like-minded people meets up.

The Mad Project –
“The Mad Bros” is a band of brothers united by our passion for online video games & streaming
“The Mad Bros” project started with the brothers Shashank “sammad143” Medhi & Mriganka “mithumad143” Medhi teaming up together to form the alliance. Soon after “The Mad Bros” alliance grew and “Sunny “ver4tile” Ebby and Deepjyoti “djkathar” Kathar joined in to form the ultimate partnership fueled by the common passion for gaming and streaming.

Shashank “sammad143” Medhi is now “The Mad Bros”

About the team –

Shashank “sammad143” Medhi

Shashank “sammad143” Medhi is the team leader and the lead host of the project. A Civil Engineer by day and streamer by night he manages several other gaming projects alongside his partners-
1. Indian Gamers Club – Co- Founder of IGC ( IGC is a tournament Organizer and Host and operates within the Indian Sub-Continent)
2. [NITE] IGNITE-ESPORTS – Founder of the PC Gaming Clan(Estd. 2012) with members around the globe.
3. Team Xtreme- Co-Founder of the PUBG Mobile Gaming clan(Estd 2018) which is rapidly growing at the moment.

Mriganka “mithumad143” Medhi

Mriganka “mithumad143” Medhi is the original Mad Bros considering that he adopted the IGN from his elder bro “sammad143” following him in his footsteps. At the moment he is a student and in the final year of his graduation. Apart from “The Mad Bros”, mithu also manages “AG_TV” along with his partners, which is a local Gaming Organization operating within North East India which also includes streaming, Gaming product reviews, Podcasts and Esports News.

Sunny “Ebby” Kakoty

Sunny “Ebby” Kakoty is the Founder of the PUBG Mobile clan “XTREME” and a businessman by profession. Aged at 33 years Ebby manages his own Real Estate and Hotel business in Delhi. He made his debut in online games way back in COD 2 day and won several local LANs and later organized some himself too. He is well known for his clutch plays in his streams and quite popular among his viewers. He also runs a NGO for women and child welfare called “Kassar Valley Organization” in Arunachal Pradesh and a Guest House in Safdarjung Enclave in New Delhi called “North East Guest House” which serves authentic NE food and luxurious rooms

Dipjyoti “Kathar” Kathar

Dipjyoti “Kathar” Kathar began his online gaming scene with Medal of Honor Games way back in the day. Aged at 35 he runs his family business of farming and Horticulture along with his brothers at the same time helping out in local gaming projects and streams. He made his first appearance in IGNITE-ESPORTS youtube montages and currently co-streams with Stevezdad and The Mad Bros. He is known for his calm and cool plans of action during the streams.

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