A short Interview with Mr. Vishal Parekh the Marketing Director of Kingston Technology India

Kingston Technology and its sub brand HyperX have made a significant impact on Indian PC gaming market. So we reached out Kingston and take a short interview of Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston and HyperX India, about Kingston / HyperX products and services.

Spokesperson introduction:

Mr. Vishal Parekh is the Marketing Director of Kingston Technology India, the leading brand in memory modules and data storage. He has lead Kingston in India for more than ten years and has been a key architect of the company’s strategic vision. His responsibilities include leadership in the company’s initiatives and operations along with maintaining the strong brand image.

Mr. Vishal, with his outstanding leadership skills, has received numerous awards by industry associations and media. He has successfully repositioned Kingston as a lifestyle technology brand. Being a strong believer of Relationship Management, he has successfully developed a healthy distribution network and channel. He has even managed roadshows in 300 cities in a calendar year with an objective to educate customer.

He holds a PGDBM degree in Marketing from CIMR and a B.Com degree from Mumbai University.


Mr. Suvendu Mardi, the Editor-in-Chief at Teckknow.com



  1. We know HyperX gaming oriented line is popular and recently introduced new keyboard and mouse, so what next we should expect?

Yes, that’s true. We recently launched all variants of our Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard and have showcased quite a few upcoming products during Computex 2017. In terms of products, there are quite a few launches in the pipeline. You can expect new variants in gaming keyboards, gaming mouse and gaming headsets.

  1. I get asked about warranty and service centers quite a few times, so Sir, what kind of step you are taking to ensure good after sale service of your products?

Customer Service is critical for any brand and we take this aspect of business seriously. To offer an exemplary after sales service, we have collaborated with RP Tech as our National Service partner. Next, with brisk automation comes minimized customer engagements and we have had this process for quite some time. It is a win-win situation where the customer simply notifies us of a problem and is tended to by our service partners with the least delay possible. This system of operation also minimizes the basic human errors.

We have also make use of a service app where our customers can get latest updates about the status of their products and issues, which the service team would be dealing with. We also have one point of contact for technical support. In addition to this, an integrated system makes it possible to maintain and analyze a customer database.

  1. Sir, what steps you are taking to promote and aware gamers in India?

We are passionate about the gaming community and hence, we sponsor over 20 teams globally and participate in global events big and small. We use various media vehicles to constantly reach out to a larger audience. We not only manufacture gaming products for gamers but also help create good platforms for them to compete on. Just recently we were part of Gamer Connect 3.0 in Ahmedabad and ESL India Premiership in Mumbai. Through these events we were able to give our gamers a first-hand feel of the products. Their experience was enhanced when they got to test HyperX products and were amazed by its astounding sound.

Over the year, there has been an influx of gamers into the Indian gaming arena. To match this, we at HyperX believe that the “gamer” experience matters and we strive to improve and broaden our product offerings to accommodate gaming trends. HyperX has a lot of user engagement programs in both, online and offline spaces, which are strategic in nature and are focused on either educating or providing an experience in different fields.