SK Hynix will Ship HBM2 Memory by Q3-2016

SK Hynix Korean memory and NAND flash giant have announced that they will have HBM2 memory ready for order within Q3-2016 (July-September). The company will ship 4-gigabyte HBM2 stacks in the 4 Hi-stack (4-die stack) form-factor, in two speeds variant, first one H5VR32ESM4H-20C with 2.00 Gbps (256 GB/s per stack); and second one H5VR32ESM4H-12C with 1.60 Gbps (204 GB/s per stack). With four such stacks, the GPUs can have a 4096-bit HBM2 interface, with capacity up to 16 GB.

SK Hynix HBM2

This is great news as it indicates that we may see some new GPUs for both teams soon.