Skylake CPU Are Getting Damage From Cooler Mounting Pressure

This time Intel use thinner PCB for their current generation chip, which is good for Intel as the chip making cost getting lower. From user end it may end with a painful experience ever as because of the thinner PCB it become more expose to become damage by CPU coolers which apply so much force to the CPU.

Skylake CPU Are Getting Damage From Cooler Mounting Pressure

When a cooler place too much pressure on the CPU it may bend the PCB causing micro fractures, it not only bend the PCB it can also dame the motherboard pins and the contacts under them due to CPU coolers clamping mechanism.

Skylake CPU Are Getting Damage From Cooler Mounting PressureSkylake CPU Are Getting Damage From Cooler Mounting Pressure

There are very few cooler found to damage the Skylake CPUs and some coolers will only cause damage during transit a complete system. In this situation we only can recommend to use do not over tight your cooler during system building and also check your CPU coolers compatibility with Skylake before buying it or using your old one.

Here are some of the statements from reputed brand regarding compatibility with Skylake CPUs.

Scythe: The company Scythe EU GmbH announces that on several coolers from its portfolio, a change of the mounting system for Skylake / plinth is made 1151st All coolers are in fact generally compatible with Skylake sockets, but it can in some cases result in damage to CPU and motherboard when the PC is exposed to stronger shocks (eg shipping or relocation). To prevent this, the pressure was reduced by an adjustment of the screw set. We will send the new set of screws you also like to charge. Please send your request via email to or use the contact form on our website.


Noctua: Our SecuFirm2 mounting systems are subjected to prior to the release of new platforms an extensive compatibility testing. It could be determined with reference to the Intel LGA1151 platform (“Skylake”) no problems. Also on the part of our customers and our specialist resellers and system integration partners we have no reports of any problems. Our SecuFirm2 mounting systems access (with the exception of some more compact models of the L-series) for generating the necessary contact pressure on coil springs back, which allow a certain degree of flexibility both in terms of tolerances in the height as well as the case of vibrations or other forces. Compared with conventional spring-less installation systems where pressure is produced exclusively by the deformation of the mounting brackets, so can reduce the mechanical load on the CPU, and motherboard socket and any damage can be prevented by excessive force. As the transportation of a system (eg by shipping service providers) acting forces but not reliably calculate or blank check, we recommend for security in general, cooler with a total weight of about 700g (incl. Fan) take before transporting.

EKWB: All EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy Series CPU Water Blocks – Including the latest -MX and -EVO variants – are fully Complying with Intel Socket imposed H3 (LGA-1151) Mechanical force limitation. The clamping force, created by our PreciseMount spring loaded mounting mechanism, is well within the allowed mechanical limitations. The design of PreciseMount itself Prevents over-tightening and damage to mechnical Possible Either socket or the CPU packaging.

Older generation of (physically) compatible LGA-1151 Water Blocks with classic, undefined clamping ForceType mouting mechanism -: such as Supreme LTX – requires special attention When attaching the water block. As a result the use of search Waterblocks is not recommended with the LGA-1151 socket CPUs.


Silverstone: All current SilverStone CPU coolers are designed to Intel’s standard for CPU cooler mounting pressure. However, we are currently double checking to see if our older models (released in 2012 or older) are still within Intel’s current CPU generation’s limit (each CPU generation may have different rated pressure and depending on socket design, they will also be different). Since Skylake CPUs debut, we have not received any reports from SilverStone users or customers that our coolers have bended their CPUs.


ARCTIC: We want to assure with this official statement that ARCTIC cooler not affected by these problems – and thus are fully Skylake compatible.


Cooler Master: Cooler Master has been at the forefront of Cooling Technology since its inception. With the Cooler Master designed heat-sink technology in your coolers, you are getting the best standards of thermal cooler in the world. Every cooler we ship meets Cooler Master’s highest standards for providing incredible performance, regardless of the design or model.

We would like to reaffirm our commitment to all our fans and supporters that you can rest assured, all air and liquid cooling products from Cooler Master are not affected by the mounting issue.

For a complete list of Cooler Master compatible products for Intel socket LGA 1151 please click here.