Star Wars Battlefront Is Already In Development For Playstation VR

The four giant EA, DICE, Sony and Disney is very optimistic about the PlayStation VR and its exclusive adaptation of Star Wars Battlefront. Reflections underway Sony follow this line of thinking, too.

Star Wars Battlefront PSVR

John Koller, VP of marketing at Sony, said to Fortune magazine about Fortune PlayStation VR and Battlefront project. He believes that experience is exclusively developed for the Sony PSVR, the gameplay will be completely different from the “base game”, which was released on November 2015. Koller also said Battlefront will be one of those games that can show what virtual reality is capable of!

Star Wars Battlefront PSVR1 Star Wars Battlefront PSVR2

According to Koller, the term “killer app” has a different meaning on the PlayStation VR on the PlayStation 4. Of course, you need people who willing to pay, but the VR experience is much more satisfactory.

PlayStation VR will come out in October with more than fifty games. Koller also comments, the Star Wars Battlefront will be one of them.