Star Wars Battlefront II’s first officially trailer has been released

After previously leaked trailer, now EA has officially released Star Wars Battlefront II trailer, showcasing a new story and multiplayer battlefront across several Star Wars Episodes.

The trailer starts off from the viewpoint of an Imperial soldier on Endor and the Death Star MKII exploded in orbit, heralding the start of a new war as the Empire fights for survival and the Rebel Alliance fight to restore the Republic. From the trailer, it seems the game’s story will take place between Episode VI and Episode VII, though the game could have several mini campaigns trough-out the several Star Wars Eras.

In the trailer, we can see characters like Darth Maul (Episode I) and Kylo Ren, confirming that the game’s multiplayer will feature all films series and not just the “Fall of the Empire” of the Star Wars timeline.

As of now, EA/Dice has not announced the game’s official release date, though the game is expected to arrive in October or November.