Star Wars: Battlefront’s new Bespin DLC coming on June 21

EA has announced that the second premium DLC release for Star Wars: Battlefront, which will available by June 21, with Bespin also releasing to Battlefront season pass holders on June 21.

Bespin DLC

In the Bespin sees players will battle in and around Cloud City, which is an enchanting tibanna gas mining operation from The Empire Strikes Back, led by Lando Calrissian. The city’s baron-administrator will also join the game, as a playable hero.

EE-4 blaster

In the seen playable evil hero will be Dengar, who is a bounty hunter and hobo while Cloud City’s iconic Twin Pod Cloud Car will be added to the vehicle fleet. The Bespin DLC adding new weapons, with the X-8 Night Sniper, and the EE-4 blaster, as well as the infamous carbon freezing chamber. EA also teases that, there will be new game modes, star cards, blasters and maps that will release alongside Bespin, and they should be part of the monthly update for all Star Wars: Battlefront.